All your 2 stroke specs in one spot --- Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha
Kawasaki Triples
 General Specs pg 1  General Specs Pg 2
 Engine specs pg 1  Engine specs pg 2  Engine specs pg 3  Engine specs pg 4
 Carb specs
 Chassis Specs
 Disk Brake
 CDI troubleshooting
 Maintenance specs
 Tune Up Specs
 Torque settings
Suzuki Twins
 Carb Specs
 Float settings
 Maintenance Specs pg 1  Maintenance Specs pg 2
 Piston specs
 Tune Up specs
 Torque specs
Suzuki Triples
 General Specs
 Carb specs
 Coolant mixtures
 Oil specs ------------> This is posted for entertainment purposes only...Don't use automotive motor oil in your 2 stroke tank
 Maintenance Specs
 Clutch and torque specs
 Tune Up specs
Yamaha Street 2 strokes
 General Specs Pg 1   General Specs Pg 2   General Specs Pg 3   General Specs Pg 4   General Specs Pg 5 
 Electrical Specs Pg 1  Electrical Specs Pg 2  Electrical Specs Pg 3  Electrical Specs Pg 4
 Electrical Specs Pg 5  Electrical Specs Pg 6  Electrical Specs Pg 7
 Tune Up Specs
 Carb specs pg 1   Carb specs pg 2 
 Clutch and Torque specs 
 Mainenance Specs pg 1   Maintenance specs pg 2 
 Piston Specs